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Cyprus Tax Advantages

  • Low taxation regime
    Taxable profits are taxed at the rate of 12.5% (10% until December 31st 2012), for all Cyprus Tax Resident companies, as there is no distinction between local companies and IBCs anymore. Still it is the lower tax rate in Europe and the nearby countries. The term Tax Resident Company means a company whose management and control is exercised in Cyprus. Companies incorporated in Cyprus but whose management and control are not exercised in Cyprus are not considered Tax Residents of Cyprus and for this reason are not taxed in Cyprus.
  • Double Tax Treaties
    These have been agreed with more than 40 countries. By using the provisions of these treaties and with the relatively low taxation rate in Cyprus, it is possible to achieve every significant tax reduction in both countries.

    There is no withholding tax on payment of dividends, interest and royalties to non-resident individuals or to non-resident corporate shareholders.
  • No Taxation
    Applies to profits from the disposal of shares for all the companies and individuals that are Tax Residents of Cyprus. (An individual is considered Tax Resident if he/she lives in Cyprus for one or more periods that exceed the total of 183 days per fiscal year).

    Dividend income received in Cyprus will not be subject to tax in Cyprus under certain conditions.