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AGISILAOU AUDIT LTD has an active presence in the real estate industry and our clients can benefit from a diversified and dynamic real estate global network. Our firm provides a full range of services to clients who develop, invest, lease, dispose or acquire all types of property.

Our experience and network provide assistance in finding suitable business partner, office space and equipment all over Cyprus.

Opportunities and challenges in the shipping and ports industry create the need for appropriate and timely strategic actions. Cyprus' strategic position has played a crucial role in its development as an ideal centre for the establishment of ship owning companies. Our firm provide the following services:

• Registering ship owing and ship management companies
• Registering ships under the Cyprus flag on a provisional and/or permanent basis
• Registering ships under other jurisdiction (i.e. apart from Cyprus)
• Liaising with relevant government bodies including the department of Merchant Shipping

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